Alumni Spotlight - Kyle Green, Class of 2007

Kyle Green 1When did you attend Lamphere? What year did you graduate? What schools did you attend?Lessenger, Page, Lamphere High School. Class of 2007.

Where do you live now? (City, State): Davison Michigan

Tell us about what you've been doing since graduation. (Work, College, Travel etc):
I went to school to be a certified personal trainer and worked as a car salesman right out of high school. After starting and failing at some start up businesses I found myself in love with the television industry. I worked my way up from Production Assistant to Vice President of an international show in under a year. I was nominated for 3 Emmys during this period.

Kyle Green 2After I had outgrown my surroundings I started my own TV Show called The Green Way Outdoors. It has international distribution of over 70 Million homes in the US & Canada via cable and is also available on dozens of online streaming platforms and applications. The networks that carry The Green Way Outdoors: Pursuit Channel, Wild TV, Alive Outdoors TV, & Predator Outdoors TV. My production team also produces the Michigan Area Home Show on NBC and shoots content for: Home Shopping Network, QVC, & Elive.

I also have a marketing company called Krave in Holly Michigan. We specialize in virtual tours, photography, and video content for realtors and dealerships throughout Michigan. 

Kyle Green 3Tell us about your family and/or hobbies:
Owning 2 businesses I really don't have any free time. However, I don't feel like I have worked a single day since I started my companies. I truly love what I do. The traveling I do for the TV show is probably my favorite part of the job. Getting to go on dream hunting and fishing trips with my best friends and sharing those experiences with our viewers is just amazing! 

How did your years at Lamphere affect your life?
Mr. Maisano, Mr. Wooley, and Mrs. Bontomasi, Mrs. Guzynski (a substitute at the time), Mr. Macknis, Mrs. Stahl, & Mrs. Wainz all stand out in my memory. There are a lot of caring teachers at Lamphere, but these individuals impacted me unlike any others. They went out of their way to help me in my personal life as well as my education. 

My closest relationships were with the two tough guys on the list, Mr. Wooley and Mr. Maisano. They taught me the importance of respect and about the values needed to be a man. I am forever grateful to them. 

The great friends and memories I made at Lamphere will last a lifetime. If I could go back in time, I would choose Lamphere again. 

Kyle Green 4If you had a message for current Lamphere students what would it be?
1. Ask Mr. Maisano about politics, he will point you in the right direction.

2. Do what is hard today, and tomorrow will be easy. 
3. Go on Netflix and watch the documentary "The Secret." It is about the Law Of Attraction and it guided me to the success I have today.