Angela Meyer

Staff Spotlight - Angela Meyer 1Your Name: Angela Meyer
Hometown: Royal Oak

What is your position in the district?
GSRP Teacher

Did you go to college, if so tell us where. What degrees do you have?
I went to school at several schools over the years. I have an Associates from Oakland Community College in Early Childhood. I then went to Eastern Michigan University: for a bachelors in Elementary Education, endorsements in Early Childhood and Reading. I am currently working on my masters from Central Michigan University, in Integrated Technology in the Elementary Classroom. (Which I am excited to say will be finished January 2018)

Staff Spotlight - Angela Meyer 2Tell us about your family:
I grew up in a large family (my grandmother is one of ten children), although my family is a fairly small unit. My parents; Sue and Al have been married for over 34 years and working for another 50.

As for siblings, I have two brothers; Matt who is married to my sister-in-law Ally, and Dan my other brother. 

Staff Spotlight - Angela Meyer 3As for me, I am the proud mommy to two furry babies and a scaly baby. My first fur baby is Sampson, a crazy silly dog (rottweiler/shepherd mix) and my other fur baby Tiger Lily (or Lily for short) she is a sassy short hair cat. As for my scaly baby, that would be Horton (a leopard gecko), who simply loves to lounge around. 

Staff Spotlight - Angela Meyer 4What kind of hobbies do you have? What do you like to do?
I have several hobbies I love to do (when I have some free time ;)). First I love to sew and make quilts, I started quilting when I was 16 and love to make quilts to give away to my family and friends. Second, I love to play sports mainly soccer. I have played sports my whole life (but I suppose you would when your grandmother is a retired gym teacher). I also love to travel and have traveled to 31 one of the 50 states, and four countries. I just can't wait to travel to even more destinations. Lastly, I am a student small group leader working with High School and Middle School girls at my church every Sunday night. It's rather crazy at times but I love every moment.

Staff Spotlight - Angela Meyer 5How long have you worked at Lamphere? 
This is my third year at Lamphere Schools.

What's your favorite thing about being a part of the Lamphere district? 
I think my favorite thing about being a part of the Lamphere district is the families and diversity our district has. I love that within my day in and day out there are several languages spoken within my classroom and around our schools. Finally, I love my families and love being able to catch up with all the students I have worked with over the years, and find out where they are, and how they are doing.