SOC App for Oakland County residents

Schools of Choice for Oakland County Residents

SECTION 105 SCHOOL OF CHOICE APPLICATION for the 2nd Semester of the 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR

This application should be completed by persons seeking admission to The Lamphere Schools, (grades K-12) for the 2nd semester of the 2020-2021 school year, who reside in any Oakland County School District other than The Lamphere Schools. If you reside within the boundaries of the Lamphere School District, you are not required to complete this form.

The Lamphere school district will accept Oakland County students free of charge, on a space availability basis. 

Due to the conditions caused by COVID19 during this academic year there may be delays in processing your SOC application.  We will work in good-faith to process your application in a timely manner. Please provide materials to the best of your ability and submit your application.  If discipline records are provided at a later time when school personnel are in session that conflict with self-reporting, this may impact your enrollment status.


 I acknowledge that we reside within the boundaries of any Oakland County School District other than Lamphere Schools.  Students K-5 who are residents of non Oakland County Districts can apply for Schools of Choice here > Schools of Choice Residents of Counties other than Oakland County, Grades K-5 only

Grade Student completed in 2019-2020  

Grade of Child in Fall 2020  

Student's Name  

Date of Birth 


Parent(s)/Guardian Name  

Street Address  


Zip Code  

Home Phone  

Cell Phone  

Email address  

Preferred Method of Contact  

Preferred Lamphere School of Choice 

If preferred school is not available are you willing to enroll in another school in the Lamphere District? 

* Important note: Selecting a specific building above does not guarantee the student's placement in that school. Lamphere Schools will make every effort to place your child based upon the preference indicated above, if openings are available.

School District of Residence  

District Attended in 2019/2020  

Name of School Attended  

Do you already have a child attending Lamphere Schools? 

If yes, which school? 



  1. Section 105 Choice is a once per year event.
  2. For grades K-8, student’s most recent report card and behavior record must accompany application.
    For grades 9-11, student’s most recent report card, transcript and official behavior record must accompany application. Applications must be received by Tuesday - May 29, 2020.
  3. It is not he responsiblity of The Lamphere Schools to provide transportation for Section 105 School of Choice Students.
  4. The Lamphere Schools will comply with all requirements of 1996 Public Act 30, Section 105, (School of Choice).
  5. Does your child require special services?  
    1. ​If yes, please explain:  
  6. Has this student ever had school discipline referrals?  
    1. ​If yes, how many referrals inthe past two years?  
    2. Reason for referrals: 
  7. Has this student ever been suspended from ANY previous schools:  
    1. ​If yes, please explain:  
    2. Dates and total number of suspensions:  
  8. Reason for making application to The Lamphere Schools? 
  9. How did you hear about The Lamphere Schools' Open Enrollment?  


I acknowledge that by typing my name I am signing this applicaiton for Schools of Choice to Lamphere Schools. My signature below also grants The Lamphere Schools permission to see student infromation/records from prior school district.

Parent/Guardian Signature  








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