Adam Wooley

Coach Spotlight Adam Wooley 1Which team(s) do you coach?
Varsity Baseball

How long have you been coaching?
18 years as the varsity baseball coach, 22 years overall including basketball, hockey and football.

What made you decide to become a coach?
There are rare occasions when things are quiet enough to reflect when I am able to sit back and just think, "I can't believe how lucky I am to do something I love." Teaching and coaching go hand in hand for me, so to be able to oversee a successful TV Production and Baseball program, there isn't anything else I could picture doing.

Coach Spotlight Adam Wooley 2What's your favorite thing about coaching?

For me, it's all about relationships. Starting with the players, I've been fortunate to coach some of the finest young men I've come across. Whether it's the current group and getting to know them, or catching up with former players who are doing great things, I get a tremendous amount of joy from watching them reach major milestones. I've also been fortunate to create a network of coaches from the high school, collegiate and professional levels who have helped me stay progressive and growing in the game of baseball.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from coaching?
That coaching is not about me. Early in my career, my will to win was intense (to say the least). However, having children of my own helped me evolve as a person, teacher and coach. When this process occurred, I realized the impact coaches have on the players. This completely flipped my coaching philosophy and keeps things fresh and new.

Coach Spotlight Adam Wooley 3What is one thing you would like your student athletes to remember in life?

I hope that in addition to learning about skills, teamwork and winning, I would like to think that sports help our student/ athletes realize how to take on adversity, deal with it and overcome it. There is so much to learn from the failures and coming up short that a player can use in his/ her life. I think the lessons of picking yourself up and being mentally strong translates directly from sports to life.

What do you love about Lamphere Schools?
Lamphere is in my blood. My parents are graduates, as well as my wife and I. The community is small and has a unique bond that is unlike any other district. I think our community (staff, board, administration and families) do everything they can to set us up for success and see each individual achieve his/ her aspirations or goals. I couldn't be more fortunate to teach and coach in the Lamphere District.

Coach Spotlight Adam Wooley 4Tell us a bit about your family:

I have been married to my wife Jennifer for almost 23 years and we have four children (Cam 17, Nate 16, Luke 12 and Bella 8). We love traveling in our free time and all the craziness that comes with raising a large family.
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